August 16, 2020 News

UNRC Building Closes Indefinitely

Cheryl Levi Alvin close Summer Day Camp and the building Aug14, 2020Upper Noe Rec Center closed without public announcement on Friday at the conclusion of Summer Day Camp activities. The park grounds remain open daily. Joby’s Run dog park, the tennis court, basketball court and field should be available to the public. The playground remains off limits for health reasons. The bathrooms will be open during park hours.


Rec & Park has designated most rec centers to be used either as Community Learning Hubs or as day care centers for emergency workers beginning in late August. UNRC has not been chosen for either function. Instead, with the conclusion of Summer Day Camp, it was completely closed and our program staff dispersed to other locations. Maintenance and gardening staff are expected to continue upkeep of the grounds and building.

While the rec center has been off-limits to most of us since March, the staff has been there every weekday serving first as daycare for children of emergency workers and then providing Summer Day Camp. When our staff is on site, they are able to report safety, sanitation and maintenance issues in the park, as well as to intervene in unsavory activity. They see that reports get a follow through. We will miss their presence and hope that they will all return eventually. Cheryl, Levi and Alvin are pictured here on the last day of Summer Day Camp just before they close the building to the public.
Let us not allow the park and rec center to degrade from the amazing community asset we all enjoy. Please call 311 to report any issues or concerns.

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