Here are ways that you can get involved in our local park.

  1. Volunteer for general opportunities, events or outreach
  2. Join the stewardship committee
  3. Help with planting and/or landscaping
  4. Keep it safe and clean:
    pick up litter, remove chalk, report maintenance issues to 311

Volunteering and Stewardship Committee

If you are interested in getting involved, you can either sign up on a one-time basis or for regular events.

To be added to the volunteer database or for more information about joining the Stewardship Committee for the Friends of Noe Valley Rec Center, please contact .

Planting and Landscaping

Joan holding one of the custom birdhouses at Upper Noe.

Joan Lionberger, leader of the Ladybug Gardener volunteer group, holds one of the many custom bird houses built by her husband for Upper Noe.

The community can play a vital role in the cleanliness and beautification of our park. Our stewardship committee keeps an eye on planting and upkeep.

Ladybug Gardener work parties are a great way to get to know your neighbors and help play a role in our community. Volunteers work alongside our Rec & Park gardener. It is fun for the whole family.




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